Are you looking for local piercing places around Columbus? It isn’t easy nowadays to find creative artists and reliable piercers. The current covid-19 situation has rendered many out of business, and those who claim to be the best piercings shops are struggling hard to maintain proper hygienic measures. 

Well, in this content piece, we have tried to provide you with a list of the top 7 piercing places open in Columbus. Ohio, with the motto of providing a safe customer experience and the best piercing jewelry you will find anywhere. Read on to find out.

List of Columbus’ 7 Best-Rated Body Piercing Shops

USP Tattoo and body piercing, a solar-powered studio with an In-shop facility.
SERVICES/ OFFERED Piercing, Tattoo, Jewellery, In-Shop facility
  • 2520 Summit St.: 12–8 pm
  • 1980 N. High St.: 12–8 pm
  • 2413 N. High St.: By Appointment Only
ADDRESS 2520 Summit St.Columbus, OH, 43202, United States 
1980 N. High St. Columbus, OH, 43201, United States 
2413 N. High St. Columbus, OH,43202, United States 
  • 2520 Summit St. – 614-421-4444
  • 2413 N. High St. -614-447-9200
  • 1980 N. High St.– 614-947-1151

Evolved Body Art is a studio worth its name. It started in 2000 and has achieved a place among the best piercing shops over the years. Some artists began it in Columbus for the love of quirkiness. To get your piercing done, you need to schedule your appointment with the best piercers, Evolved Body Art, have. Apart from tattooing, you can also get your tattoo removed here by laser treatment. 

Evolved body art is known for its professional piercing, which is rewarded much in Columbus. It has been voted as no.1 tattoo and body piercing studio. The studio offers free piercings on birthday, so if you have your big day anytime sooner, you can make it worth. For the minor piercing, Evolved requires photo identification for the kid and the parent. It is a solar-powered studio with a huge concern for sustainable living along with health and safety. Its in-shop facility will help you collect t-shirts, gift certificates, and other cool stuff. 

“I loved my piercing. I wanted to have two earlobes of my daughter pierced, but how Amanda did it, I went for one on my naval area. I cannot thank her enough for making me relaxed through the entire process. I love her work so much that I recommended a few of my friends to visit the studio.” 

– Jennifer Mobley

2. Piercology, Inc

USP Body piercing studio with in-shop facility
SERVICES/ OFFERED Body Piercing, Body Jewelry, Children’s Ear Piercings, In-shop Facility
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday- Saturday: 12pm-8pm Sunday: 12pm-7pm
ADDRESS 190 W 2nd Ave, Columbus, OH 43201, United States
PHONE NUMBER 614-297-4743
Piercology Inc is your go-to piercing shop around Ohio. It has been in business since 1994. Piercers at Piercology Inc are experts at their work. The Association of body art professionals is one of its foundations in Ohio. The foundation ensures a healthy and safe environment for the clients. It offers quality jewelry to select from. All the piercings are performed in private cabins for the client’s comfort.

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You can book an appointment for the professional piercing experience. It is one of the cheap piercing places you will find with creative piercers. It offers discounts and special pricing on select days of the week. Once you visit their website, you will know the range of pricing and the safety measures taken by the studio in the wake of covid-19. It includes wearing masks, no crowding limiting to 5 persons in the lobby at a time, among others. They also offer a body piercing aftercare regime for the client’s ease. The studio has a shop within for you to buy online jewelry and other cool items along with gift card coupons.
“On my first visit, I was impressed by the hygienic measures and quality piercing at the studio. My favorite is Christine. I got two piercings, and she did a fantastic job—great people who interact and offer great advice. I highly recommend the place.”
– Trina Armstrong

3. Body Jewel

USP Body piercing, Minor piercings in a sterile environment


Body Piercings, Minor Piercing


Monday to Saturday: 11am – 7pm 
Sunday: 12pm – 6pm  
ADDRESS 5034, Tuttle Crossing Blvd. Dublin, OH 43016, United States



Body jewel is a piercing parlor with its jewelry store at 7 different locations in Columbus, Ohio. The studio has some unique talents who offer body piercings at reasonable rates. You can select from a wide range of high-quality body jewels to get the best piercing of your life. In the wake of covid-19, the studio is offering nose piercing, but tongue and cheek services are at a halt. It has private cabins for the clients and an aftercare regime that suits unique skin needs. 

The average price offered by body jewel is around $45-$50. However, as per the demands, upgrades are available. For the minor piercing, the studio has made photo identification mandatory for the parent and the minor. Piercings at the studio are performed in a sterile environment. The tools and the jewelry undergo an autoclave process to curb contact contamination. The store offers contactless payment too. Aftercare regime is provided to every client. 


“I had a great experience! I went with my group to get various body piercings. John received us and made us feel very comfortable. It was an interactive experience with the best people around. The prices were affordable too. We loved the place in terms of cleanliness and comfort. Jourdan is best at tattooing. The Aftercare regime she provided made healing better.”
-Rissa Robson

4. Fuzion Tattoo

USP Offers body piercings, tattoo, and portrait services.
SERVICES/ OFFERED Piercings, Tattoo, Portrait Services
OPERATIONAL HOURS Sunday – Monday: By Appointments Tuesday – Saturday: 1pm – 9pm
ADDRESS 2330 Harrisburg Pike,Grove City, OH 43123, United States
PHONE NUMBER 614-869-3377
If you are looking for Tattoo shops that also do piercing in Columbus, Fuzion tattoo is the store for you. The store is an old establishment by an expert artist, Looney. It is the best piercing place with quality services in the local area. Fuzion tattoo got featured in many shows like Good Guys Car show for its quality service delivery. Apart from that, Fuzion tattoo artists and their work get featured frequently in many magazines and publications. The store has kept its shop minimum at $50, but the level of artistry here is superb. The studio provides custom services according to unique needs. They have a group of steady, keen artists with professional piercing skills. James, Looney, and David have refinement in their work. The store also offers portrait service along with tattoos and piercings.
“Looney did my belly piercing, and it was beyond my expectations. Very professional and clean facility. They give you choices in jewelry and advise what could go better with the skin. Looney made sure I got precisely the metal and design I wanted. He took time to make it perfect. Will go back to him.”
– Stacey Woodworth

5. Body Stain Tattoo

USP Tattoos and piercings.
SERVICES/ OFFERED Tattoo and Piercings
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday-Sunday: 12pm-7pm
ADDRESS 4412 Cleveland Avenue, Columbus, OH, 43231, United States
PHONE NUMBER 614-475-1090
Body stain tattoo is another Tattoo shop that does piercings too. The studio started way back in 1985. It was not a popular profession and hobby back then, but over the years, as people took to piercings and tattooing, Body stain left its mark. It has got A Plus business marking for its work along with many rewards. Due to covid-19, the studio is accepting visits by appointment only. You can just visit and select your artist for the design you want on your skin. Cartilage piercing, nose piercing, and body piercings are being done now, but oral and septum piercings are at a halt. In its in-shop facility, you can grab t-shirts and gift certificates.
“I went to Body stain for my and husband’s piercing. I wanted an oral one but couldn’t get one due to the covid-19 situation. But Big Jack advised me to go for belly piercing for now. And I cannot love it enough. He did fabulous work, really a nice facility. Will be getting more soon. “
-Belinda Mertz

6. 22 Caliber Tattoos

USP Tattoo application and removal along with piercings.
SERVICES/ OFFERED Piercing, Tattoo Designing, and Removal
OPERATIONAL HOURS Tuesday-Saturday: 12 pm-9 pm Sunday & Monday: Closed
  • South Studio3501 Parsons Ave, Columbus, OH 43207, United States
  • Hilliard Studio 3501 Parsons Ave, Columbus, OH 43207, United States
  • Canal Winchester Studio 3616 Gender Rd, Canal Winchester, OH 43110, UnitedStates
  • South studio: 614-333-3377
  • Hilliard Studio: 614-219-7777
  • Canal Winchester: 614-829-2837

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It is a piercing parlor that accepts simple walk-ins on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is a tattooing place that offers custom piercings as well. A clean- comfortable facility, it is located at three different locations in Columbus. The studio houses talented artists from different categories. They offer unique designs without copying others. They are very professional in dealing with anxious customers who come for cartilage piercing or belly piercings. The studio uses only sterilized jewelry for piercing which had undergone a 12-step cleaning process. The procedure is followed according to the health department guidelines. Special offerings on piercings are available daily. It is a cheap piercing place compared to most others in Columbus. The studio offers multiple piercings and specials. For tattoos, It uses state-of-the-art tattoo stencils for designing detailed ones.
“I met Dom (Dominic), the artist in the studio, for my first visit and saw how other artists respect him. I got a lot of body piercings on me at multiple places. Riley, another artist, made a half sleeve piece on me, which is fantastic. I loved all my piercings done here. Totally a favorite place of all.”
-Sierra Beck

7. Piercing Pagoda

USP Free Ear piercings, Paid body piercings, Shop for jewelry.
SERVICES/ OFFERED Free Virtual Personal Stylist, Body Piercings, Shop-In: Rings Bracelet, Rings, Charms, Body Jewelry, and Aftercare Products, Care and Cleaning Products for Jewellery
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday-Saturday: 11 am- 7 pm
Sunday: 12pm-6 pm
ADDRESS 1500 Polaris Fashion Place, K8, Columbus, OH, 43240, United States 
PHONE NUMBER 614-825-0203

The piercing pagoda is for the ones who are looking for body piercing places to grab body piercing jewelry. Its beginnings date back to 1969 with a piercing kiosk. It emphasized self-expression and living free-spirited. It has stores at almost all places in the United States. It provides a wide range of choices on real jewelry pieces, which are 10k, 14k, and sterling silver. You can be more of yourself by getting your favorite jewelry piercing. 

It offers earrings at a price range of $20-$125 with various options in stone and metal, including diamonds, gems, stainless steel, sterling silver, and gold. Ear piercings are done free at the studio. Both ear piercings are done for kids as well in a relaxed environment to manage the related anxiety. The store offers flexible payment options from traditional to digital. Free layaway options are there in-store, with a 90 days window to complete the payment. 

“I was very nervous. I tried to talk to a girl there named Lesha. She asked me what I needed and helped me get through the process, from selecting jewelry to my first ever ear piercing. She was accommodating and professional. She even advised me on how I can try different styles of jewelry to make it more creative. I will recommend the place to anyone a little anxious at the first time. “
-Amee Bohm