When it comes to healthcare, everyone wants to have the best hands working on them. Houston has been known for producing some extraordinary Neurosurgeons, and when you need them the most, we are ready to deliver. We have prepared the list for the top 9Neurologists in Houston, Texas. Whether you were struggling to find a Vascular or ChildNeurologist, your hustle will come to a close here. Continue reading to know all about these A-grade Neurologists present in Houston.

List of Houston’s 9 Best-Rated Neurologists

USP Board-certified special for Headache Medicine
PRODUCT/SERVICES Back & Neck Pain, EEG, Electromyography, Headaches, Trauma, InsurancePlans Accepted
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday to Friday – 09:00 am – 06:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday – Closed
ADDRESS 1200 Binz St., Suite 1370, Houston, TX 77004, United States
PHONE 713-528-0725
EMAIL rwevans_frontdesk@yahoo.com
WEBSITE https://www.rwevansmd.com/

Listed in the publications such as Best Doctors in America, US News Top Doctor, Doctor’s Choice Award, and many more, Dr. Randolph Evans is one of the top Neurologists to be currently serving in Houston. His specialties include Headache and Trauma. He is a fellow of AAN, AHS, and TNS and is board-certified in Neurology accompanied by a subspecialty in Headache Medicine.

His records speak for him. Being an author of over 250 journals and a co-editor of 16 books, Dr. Evans has always been in the headlines for his commendable work. He appeared in ABC News, CNN- Headline News, CBS Radio, BBC Radio, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Foxnews.com, and the list never ends.

“Only the one who has his head feel like banging all the time can know what migraine actually is. I was so devastated, and then I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Evans. Let me tell you guys, he is the best of the best in this field. He patiently listened to me, got me some tips to stay calm when the headache strikes, and because of his medication today, I feel like I am a new person now. I am more relaxed now. If you are also dealing with the same situation, visit this man. He is the greatest.”

– Bryan Fenner

2. Dr. Allen Chu, MD, PhD (Houston Neurology & Sleep Diagnostic Center)

USP Specialist in Neuromuscular and Sleep problems
PRODUCT/SERVICES Neurology, Weakness, Back & Neck Pain, EMG, Pitched Nerves, Sleep Study & Medicine, Neuropathy, Carpal Tunnel, Narcolepsy, Restless Leg Syndrome, Sleep Apnea, Insurance Plans Accepted
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday to Thursday – 08:00 am – 05:00 pm Friday – 08:00 am – 04:00 pm Saturday & Sunday – Closed
ADDRESS 18220 State Highway 249, Suite 240, Houston, TX 77070, United States
PHONE 281-469-8600
EMAIL neuromuscular@1960neurology.com
WEBSITE https://www.houstonneuro.com/
Dr. Allen Chu’s name floats on the top when you study the list of top-rated Neurologists in Houston, TX. His boardcertifications include Neurology, Electrodiagnostic Medicines, Sleep Medicine, and Neuromuscular Medicine. His state-of-the-art customized care is what sets him apart from other Neurologists in Texas. Dr. Chu has spent his life studying the complexities of the nervous system and aims to improve the quality of his patients’ life. Dr. Chu’s services can be experienced at two locations, Houston Neurology & Sleep Diagnostic Center and The Woodlands, Texas. After earning his PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Iowa, he went on to achieve Advanced Effective Training in Sleep Medicine & Electrophysiology at Duke Medical Center. His comprehensive understanding makes him popular among the people in Texas.
“Dr. Chu states that he takes time to listen to patients, and he does exactly what he says. His patience and comprehensive understanding of neurology set him apart. When I went to his clinic, I was greeted properly by the staff. Professional as we call it. Upon meeting him, I knew this was the man who can get my sleep schedule back to place. His personalized tips and tricks, along with his medication, allow you to have a balanced life. 5 out of 5!”
– Lisa Hosea

3. Dr. Igor Cherches, MD (The Neurology Center)

USP Witness a clear communication alongside thorough enhancing of education
PRODUCT/SERVICES General Adult Neurology, Headaches, Gait & Balance Disorders, Neuromuscular Disorder, Low Back, Neck Pain, Multiple Sclerosis
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday to Friday – 09:00 am – 05:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday – Closed
ADDRESS 6655 Travis Street, Suite 600, Houston, TX 77030, United States
PHONE 713-795-0074
EMAIL Secure messaging via portal through website
WEBSITE https://www.theneurologycenter.com

Specializing in Adult Neurology and innovative Neuromuscular Disorders, Dr. Igor Cherches is specific with his words and believes in clear communication. Being a Neurologist Surgeon, he believes thorough education is of utmost importance to his patients. He went to Rice University in Houston and concluded in Doctoral Residency at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX.

The Neurology Board-certified Doctor is a professional associate of the American Academy of Neurology and Texas Neurology Center. His publications include a chapter on Neuroanatomy, Gene Symbol and Visual Illusory, and Hallucinatory phenomena with left occipital seizures. Awarded with Fellow of American Academy of Neurology, Texas Super Docs, and Texas Best Docs, Dr. Cherches has his side hobbies that include cycling, snow skiing, and martial arts.

“Dr. Cherches’s diagnose hits right on point. He is able to understand what is wrong with you in a matter of minutes. This shows his deep knowledge of the subject. He speaks fewer words but definitely narrates volumes through them. His medication, along with guidance, has now got me back to leading a normal life. I feel so grateful for me and the patients who are treated by this great man. Thanks Doc!”
– Julia Broad

4. Dr. Pamela Blake, MD (Headache Center of River Oaks)

USP Neurologist Specializing in Migraine
PRODUCT/SERVICES Neurology, Neuroscience Services, Headaches, Migraine Headaches, Insurance Accepted
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday to Thursday – 08:00 am – 05:00 pm Friday – 09:00 am – 03:00 pm Saturday & Sunday – Closed
ADDRESS 2711 Ferndale Houston, TX 77098, United States
PHONE 713-426-3337
EMAIL info@headachecenterofriveroaks.com
WEBSITE https://headachecenterofriveroaks.com
Dr. Blake is one Female Neurologist who offers extensive care of headaches to the people in Houston.  Upon receiving her medical degree from Georgetown University School of Medicine, she went on to attain a fellowship in Neuro-ophthalmology at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Besides headaches, this Brain Doctor has an active interest in Behavioral Neurology and Cognitive Science. She, being the Director of the Headache Center of Greater Heights, has board certification in Neurology by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology Inc. and Headache Medicine by the United Council for Neurological Subspecialties. Featured in ABC-TV’s Good Morning America, Dr. Blake’s clinic is your one sure-spot for attaining comprehensive neuro care.
“I have been receiving care from Dr. Blake for 4 years now. The reason I am letting you know about this period is because before this, I was an all different person. I had these vigorous headaches where I felt like banging my head on the wall. Upon meeting her, I got my normal life back. It has been 4 years now, and I haven’t had that bad headache haunting me again. She is a true gem. Like seriously, one should not go anywhere else.”
– Victoria Wesley

5. Dr. John Volpi, MD (Houston Methodist)

USP Specialist in Ischemic and Hemorrhagic Stroke
PRODUCT/SERVICES Stroke, Brain Bleeds, Dissection, Atrial Fibrillation, Carotid Disease, Clot Retrieval for Stroke, Late Effects of Stroke, Patent Foramen Ovale Treatment, Video Visits, Insurance Accepted
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday to Friday – 09:00 am – 06:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday – Closed
ADDRESS 6560 Fannin St. Ste 802, Houston, TX 77030, United States
PHONE 713-441-3951
EMAIL hmdigital@houstonmethodist.org
WEBSITE https://www.houstonmethodist.org/doctor/john-volpi/

Specializing in the evaluation of hospitalized and output patients with Cerebrovascular disease, Dr. John Volpi is a good Neurologist who serves at Houston Methodist. His personalized care makes him an excellent option for people looking for someone who pays detailed attention to their strokes. He has been in practice for more than 10 years now.

This Vascular Neurologist’ssubspecialties include treating disorders arising in Brain Peripheral Nerves, management and prevention of Ischemic Stroke, Trauma, Spinal Cord, and the Involuntary Nervous System. His Vascular Neurology is among the most talked-about subjects among the people in Houston. This Neurologist in Houston has his degree from Baylor College of Medicine.

“I was in trouble, and I badly needed someone to tell me I could get out of all this. Dr. Volpi was the one who went straight away, saying this is a condition I can treat well. And let me state, He treated it so well that I now feel my strokes have vanished in the blue. I am telling you this after experiencing his services for 6 years. Right now, I cannot see any better Neurologist than him. Kudos to him.”
– Wendy Walker

6. Dr. Madhureeta Achari, MD (Integrated Neurology)

USP A scientific, evidence-based, holistic approach to Neurological treatment
PRODUCT/SERVICES Integrated Neurology, Nutritional Neurology,General Neurology, Epilepsy, Headache, Neuroimaging, Virtual Visits, InsuranceAccepted
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday to Thursday – 08:00 am – 02:00 pm Friday – 08:00 am – 12:00 pm Saturday & Sunday – Closed
ADDRESS 1411 Height Blvd. Houston, TX 77008, United States
PHONE 832-793-7530
EMAIL office@integratedneurology.com
WEBSITE https://www.integratedneurology.com/
Have you been searching for the Neurologist near me that takes Medicaid? Well, you have got the Nerve Doctor in Houston, TX, to treat you. Her development of Nutritional Neurology that uses scientifically validated testing has made people get out of their troubles sooner than they expected. She is a member of AAN, ASN, AES, FND and the board advisor of the American Society of Neuroimaging. She attained her MD In 1992 from UT McGovern Medical School and concluded her fellowship at the same institute. Her Neuroimaging is not like other regular Neurologists. Her father, Dr. Amrit Achari, established the first Neurophysiology Laboratory at St. Luke’s Hospital and passed on his qualities via additional training to her. Dr. Achari has been awarded as 2021 TX Top Doctor and 2020 Houstonia Top Doctor.
“Many people review their Neurosurgeons on the basis of their advice. I would like to add one more thing. The Listening! Dr. Achari is one of the greatest listeners I have ever been to. She does her job exceptionally well. She did a great treatment. Her staff looks like it has been trained well by her. They all depict the same professionalism and care. If you wish to get your neuro disorders treated, I will recommend Dr. Achari to each one of you.”
– Stuart Giles

7. Dr. Brian Loftus, MD (Bellaire Neurology)

USP The only Doctor Board-certified in Headache Medicine in Bellaire, Texas
PRODUCT/SERVICES Headaches, Seizures, Multiple Sclerosis, Neuropathic Pain
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday to Thursday – 09:00 am – 12:20 pm & 1:20 pm – 05:30 pm
Friday – 09:00 am – 12:20 pm & 01:20 pm – 05:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday – Closed
ADDRESS 6700 West Loop South, Suite 330 Bellaire, TX 77401, United States
PHONE 713-715-6360
EMAIL practice@bellaireneurology.com
WEBSITE http://www.bellaireneurology.com/

Whenever someone unfolds the list of Neurologists of the highest order in Bellaire, Dr. Brian Loftus’s name comes on top. He is Board-certified in Headache Medicine and Neurology. For those who are thinking about how Dr. Loftus can help them outside Bellaire, you can get in touch through virtual visits. Dr. Loftus recommends at least oneyear of history to be put at the front.

Dr. Brian Loftus’s treatment at Bellaire Neurology is like nowhere else. Patients are offered in-office headache treatments and infusions. This decreases the cost of treatment on one side and, on the other, enhances the patient’s convenience. He has been the President of the Southern Headache Society and that of the Harris County branch of the Texas Neurological Society.

“I had chronic migraine for two years, and I was getting the treatment for it. Well, it was of no use until I met Dr. Loftus. I went to his clinic at Bellaire. He checked upon me thoroughly, made sure I described every minute detail to him. It is about a year now, and I do not see that migraine pain returning anytime soon. I now get on virtual calls with him. For those who cannot visit Bellaire, he is as good as Virtual Calls as in person.”
– Sofia Flory

8. Dr. Joshua Rotenberg, MD (Houston Specialty Clinic)

USP Unique Triple Subspecialty in Epilepsy, Brain Injury & Sleep Medicine
PRODUCT/SERVICES Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy, Concussion/Brain Injury, Headache, Development Disorders, Rehabilitation, Genetics, Advocacy, Expedited Sleep Studies for Children, Video EEG, Autism Testing, Sleep Clinic, Telemedicine, Neurology
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday to Friday – 08:30 am – 04:30 pm
Saturday & Sunday – Closed
ADDRESS 902 Frostwood Drive, Suite 210 Houston, TX 77024, United States
PHONE 713-464-4107
WEBSITE https://www.houstonspecialtyclinic.com/provider/joshua-s-rotenberg-md

Dr. Joshua Rotenberg is a Neurologist who has served in the United States Air Force for 10 years. During those years, he trained and excelled in giving advanced treatment to advanced fellows. He has a unique triple board certification in Epilepsy, Brain Injury & Sleep Medicine. He has a fellowship in Child and Adolescent Neurology at the Walter Reed AMC, Uniformed University of the Health Sciences, the NIH, and Bethesda National Naval Medical Center.

This Adolescent and Child Neurologist has been awarded America’s Most Honored Doctors 2020. It was Dr. Rotenberg who helped initiate the regional Brain Cooling Program for Babies having a low oxygen rate at birth. His Telemedicine services have bridged the gap between Epileptologists and people. Academy Diagnostics Sleep & EEG Center in San Antonio is a work done by this very renowned Neurologist of Houston.

“If there is one thing that every doctor, irrespective of their fields, needs to learn from Dr. Rottenberg, it is his behavior with children. Dr. Rottenberg is the one who treated my son when he was having oxygen shortage in the beginning. He, along with his staff, ensured that my baby would be out of danger. Turns out, he delivered what he said. I cannot thank him enough for his noble work. He is the best.”
– Mary Anderson

9. Dr. Gretchen K. VonAllmen, MD (UT Physicians)

With special qualifications in Child Neurology, Dr. Gretchen Von Allmen, MD, haschanged the lives of several kids. Being an Associate Professor at the McGovern Medical School, Dr. Allmen offers individual treatment to every child suffering from Epilepsy. She believes every kid deserves a thorough evaluation. For that, she ensures that she is always available, whatever the circumstances may be.

USP Emphasizing personal touch and relationship with patients
PRODUCT/SERVICES Pediatric Neurology, Epilepsy, Intractable Pediatric, Epilepsy Surgery, Brain Malformations, Infantile Spasms, Genetics of Epilepsy, Insurance Accepted
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday to Friday – 08:00 am – 05:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday – Closed
ADDRESS 6410 Fannin Street, Houston, TX 77030, United States
PHONE 832-325-6516
EMAIL Digitalmedia@memorialhermann.org
WEBSITE https://www.utphysicians.com/provider/gretchen-k-von-allmen/

She holds her fellowship at the University of Chicago Hospitals, 2005. A master of the French language, Dr. Allmen treats patients up to 18 years old. Her “Individual Evaluation” and “Lifelong Relationship” with patients and their families sets her apart from all the Pediatric Neurologists currently serving in Texas.

“Dr. Allmen’s plan for my child made all the difference in her life. My daughter was in deep trouble, and I could not find any better Neurologist than her. As I saw her getting frank with my daughter, I witnessed my daughter developing trust in her. Now, as a mother, there could not be a better sight than seeing your child getting the utmost care she deserves. My daughter, Lily, is doing great now. Thanks to you, Doc! My all-time blessings are with you.”
– Arisha Statham