Everyone needs some quick cash to meet the urgency, and pawn shops are the best destination to get it. Pawn stores have always served the essential purpose of the people. So, if you have any valuable belongings and want instant cash, you can check out some of the top pawnshops in El Paso. For your convenience, here are the best pawn shops in El Paso:

List of El Paso’s 6 Best-Rated Pawn Shops

USP Specialized in Custom Designed Jewelry
PRODUCT/SERVICES Pawn Shop, Pawn Loans, Buying & Selling, Gold & Silver, Jewelry & Diamonds, Watches Electronics, Phones & Tablets, Gaming Consoles, Watches, Gemstones, Firearms, Musical Instruments, Tools Art Antiques, Collectibles, Online Retail, Layaway Options, Cash for Jewelry,
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday – Friday: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Sunday: 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • 1795 N Zaragoza Rd, El Paso, TX 79936, United States
  • 10851 Gateway S Blvd #100, El Paso, TX 79934, United States
  • 6600 Montana Ave Ste N, El Paso, TX 79925, United States
  • 5500 N Desert Blvd, El Paso, TX 79912, United States
  • 455 N Yarbrough Dr, El Paso, TX 79915, United States
  • 3710 N Zaragoza Rd, El Paso, TX 79938, United States
  • 13998 Horizon Blvd #101 A, El Paso, TX 79928, United States
  • 915-857-7711 (1795 N Zaragoza Rd)
  • 915-642-6635 (Gateway S Blvd)
  • 915-778-7296 (Montana Ave)
  • 915-587-7737 (Desert Blvd)
  • 915-592-2202 (Yarbrough Dr)
  • 915-313-4258 (3710 N Zaragoza Rd)
  • 915-852-8866 (Horizon Blvd)
EMAIL facebook@bennyspawn.com
WEBSITE https://www.bennyspawnshops.com/

Benny’s Pawn Shop is a thriving- family-owned business and has a strong brand identity in the region. Benny Frank started it back in 1947 to provide valuable services to people. Over the years, the business has built a strong reputation and emerged as the largest pawn shop downtown, El Paso. The place offers a friendly atmosphere and provides comprehensive solutions to all your financial needs, including loan services, cash for jewelry, and other products.

It is a one-stop solution to all your needs; you can pawn, buy & sell under one roof. The business also allows online retail shopping for people’s convenience. Moreover, the beautiful stores always look clean and appealing, their well-curated selves, and a welcoming gesture towards customers who walk through the door. Benny’s Pawn Shop is famous for providing stunning and customized jewelry at a reasonable cost. Its layaway plan starts at 10% interest. So, visit this resourceful pawn shop in El Paso and pawn your products at the best market rate.

“Perfect location and admirable customer service. I bought a few routine essentials at an affordable price. Adriana helped me a lot to find the best deals. She was generous and quite knowledgeable. The place was full of interesting stuff at reasonable prices. Will love to revisit this beautiful pawn shop.”
-Jennifer Garcia

2. First Cash Pawn

USP International Pawn Shop Network with over 2500 Stores in the USA and Latin America.
PRODUCT/SERVICES Pawn Loans, Buying & Selling, Jewelry (Gold, Silver, Platinum), Electronics, Household Tools & Appliances, Musical Instruments, Sports Goods, Furniture, Video Games, Movies, DVDs and CDs, Sports Memorabilia, Computers, Lawn & Garden Equipment, PlayStation, Layaway Plan, Retail Sales
OPERATIONAL HOURS Mesa St / 9411 Alameda Ave / Lee Trevino Dr
Monday – Saturday: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Sunday: Closed


9733 Dyer St / 8826 Alameda Ave / Doniphan Dr / George Dieter Dr
Monday – Saturday: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
Sunday: 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm

4015 Dyer St
Monday – Saturday: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Sunday: 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm

7660 N Loop Dr / 7650 N Loop Dr
Monday – Saturday: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
Sunday: Closed

Gateway Blvd / Montana Ave
Monday – Saturday: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Sunday: Closed

Fred Wilson Ave
Monday – Saturday: 9:00 am to 8:00 pm
Sunday: Closed

  • 5375 N Mesa St, El Paso, TX 79912, United States
  • 9733 Dyer St, El Paso, TX 79924, United States
  • 4015 Dyer St, El Paso, TX 79930, United States
  • 8826 Alameda Ave, El Paso, TX 79907, United States
  • 7660 N Loop Dr, El Paso, TX 79915, United States
  • 10501 Gateway Blvd W Suite A&B, El Paso, TX 79925, United States
  • 9411 Alameda Ave Ste F and F1, El Paso, TX 79907, United States
  • 1458 Lee Trevino Dr. Ste B, El Paso, TX 79936, United States
  • 4640 Doniphan Dr. Bldg B, El Paso, TX 79922, United States
  • 7650 N Loop Dr, El Paso, TX 79915, United States
  • 4131 Fred Wilson Ave Ste C, El Paso, TX 79904, United States
  • 6207 Montana Ave, El Paso, TX 79925, United States
  • 1478 George Dieter Dr, El Paso, TX 79936, United States
  • 915-842-9545 (Mesa St)
  • 915-751-9475 (9733 Dyer St)
  • 915-566-1453 (4015 Dyer St)
  • 915-858-5558 (8826 Alameda Ave)
  • 915-843-4859 (7660 N Loop Dr)
  • 915-595-6136 (Gateway Blvd)
  • 915-858-0235 (9411 Alameda Ave)
  • 915-595-0633 (Lee Trevino Dr)
  • 915-585-3813 (Doniphan Dr)
  • 915-843-4366 (7650 N Loop Dr)
  • 915-566-7296 (Fred Wilson Ave)
  • 915-881-8680 (Montana Ave)
  • 915-849-0018 (George Dieter Dr)
EMAIL customerservice@firstcash.com
WEBSITE https://firstcash.com/

First Cash is one of the prominent and leading pawn stores in El Paso. It is an international chain of pawn stores and has over 2800 retail outlets in US states and various Latin American nations, including Mexico, Columbia, El Salvador, and Guatemala. The company is known for offering commendable services to customers across all its leading locations. At present, it employs more than 16,000 people in its worldwide chain and thus created a robust and trustable chain of pawn stores.

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First Cash offers valuable loan service to credit-constrained customers through its diversified retail pawn outlets. These pawnshop loans are pretty affordable compared to other mainstream pawn outlets. The store also provides a convenient layaway plan with a reasonable 10% interest per month. In addition, you can buy and sell a wide range of essentials, from electronics to jewelry. This is also a PS4 pawn shop in El Paso offering assorted kinds of games.

“Great service and incredible collections. I was looking for a decent laptop for my school project, and luckily, I got the best deal at First Cash. The manager Pamela Rodriguez was an amazing personality and helped to get the best laptop within my budget. The indoor space was well-organized with hundreds of different products. Highly recommended if you are looking for quality products.”
-Maria Jefferson

3. Dave’s Loan Co

USP Incredible Collections VHS Movies and Antiques
PRODUCT/SERVICES Pawn Shop, Loans, Buying & Selling, Gold, Jewelry, Electronics, Diamond Rings, Musical Instruments, Vinyl Albums, Collectables, Vintage Items, Memorabilia, Movies, Blu ray DVDs & CDs, Camera, Antiques, Layaway Plan
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday – Saturday: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
Sunday: Closed
ADDRESS 216 S El Paso St, El Paso, TX 79901, United States
PHONE NUMBER  915-533-3334
EMAIL daves.a.pawn.shop@gmail.com
WEBSITE https://www.facebook.com/daves.a.pawn.shop/

Dave’s Loan Co is one of the renowned and oldest pawn places around the El Paso region. It is an attractive and exciting pawn outlet known for its admirable services to the customer. The inner space is beautifully organized with unique and intriguing stuff that entices people to visit the shop. They have a wide selection of unique, vintage, weird stuff, memorabilia, and more. Their staff speaks English & Spanish and also offer great assistance once you enter the shop.

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Notably, Dave’s Loan Co is a lively and famous pawn shop offering valuable essentials from all over the states. You can buy and sell various kinds of items extending from jewelry to musical instruments. The shop is also the best electronic pawn shop in El Paso. Its impressive collections also include countless latest and used DVDs, CDs, Blu Ray, along with special collections of VHS movies. Moreover, you can get all these items at affordable rates. The business provides a layaway plan with a decent interest of 15% per month.

“Fantastic store. It has the best collection of electric guitars. I got one at an affordable rate from the shop. Moreover, the location is perfect, and the inner space looks like a decorated showroom. The staff was generous and helped me to get the best deal. I love this place and will recommend its services in my surroundings.”

– Justin Guerra


USP Glorious Legacy Over Four Decades
PRODUCT/SERVICES Pawn Shop, Pawn Loans, Buy & Sell Jewelry, Gold Items, Diamonds, Musical Instruments, Electronics, Home Appliances, Tools, Watches, Blu Ray DVDs & CDs, Home Office Equipment, Gaming Systems, Firearms, Layaway Options, Retail Merchandise, Product Protection Plan
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday – Saturday: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
Sunday: 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm
ADDRESSES 1850 Hunter Dr. Ste. 101, El Paso, TX 79915, United States
6100 Alameda Ave, El Paso, TX 79905, United States
PHONE NUMBERS 915-598-7268 (Hunter Dr. Ste.)
915-778-2182 (Alameda Ave)
EMAIL customerservice@ezcorp.com
WEBSITE https://ezpawn.com/

EZPAWN is a decorated and affluent pawn shop in El Paso, TX carrying a glorious legacy of meritorious service for more than four decades. It was established in 1974 in Austin, Texas, and has served millions of customers satisfactorily. At present, the shop has over 500 pawn outlets across the nation and is well-known for its commitment to serve people well. The shop is a one-stop destination for quick cash and gets the required pawn service and the reverence you deserve.

You can easily get loans, trade your belongings, and buy various previous collections from their inventory. The vast assortments include all kinds of essentials for planning, ranging from valuable jewelry to electronic goods. EZPAWN engaged in firearms seeking and retail merchandise, where you save up to 25% – 70% of the retail cost on quality assured pre-owned brand. In addition, it also provides a holistic product protection plan and jewelry VIP program. You can get convenient layaway options for the customers at a 10% down payment.

“Had a memorable experience at EZPAWN. They offered great customer assistance and were flexible with the prices of the products. You can get pre-owned branded items at the best prices. I got a few things well within my budget. Justin and the associated worker offered great help in finding the required stuff. Must visit if you are looking for authentic brand products at minimum prices.”

-Anthony Morales

5. Mesa Pawn and Jewelry

USP Highest Rated Pawn Shop in El Paso
PRODUCT/SERVICES Pawn Shop, Buy & Sell Jewelry, Electronics, Musical Instruments, Home Appliances, Tools, Collectibles, Sporting Goods, Lawn, and Garden Equipment
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday – Saturday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Sunday: Closed
ADDRESS 6238 N Mesa St, El Paso, TX 79912, United States
PHONE NUMBER 915-301-0212
EMAILS mesapawn6238@gmail.com mesapawnshop@gmail.com
WEBSITE https://mesapawnshop.com/

Nestled on the westside of El Paso, Mesa Pawn and Jewelry is a premium and best pawn shop offering quick cash to meet your financial urgency. It is a well-designed shop with a touch of elegance and antiques. The business has been providing inclusive and convenient pawn service to the locals. Its high-end jewelry collections attract people from different places. It is also contemplated as the best jewelry pawn shop in the region.

In addition to the jewelry, you can also get collateral loans for electronics, musical instruments, firearms, and more. This large pawn shop offers great selling discounts on numerous premium essentials. It is an optimum choice for getting profitable deals on items for your office, home, yard, or your fashionable lifestyle. They concentrate on preserving the quality, value, and conditions of the precious commodity in their closets.

“Indeed, the best pawn shop in El Paso. I was delighted with the customer service and the prices. I got a beautiful necklace at an affordable price. The place looks like a premium shopping house with appealing structure and things. Ken assisted me well in finding my special necklace. Moreover, the atmosphere was mesmerizing, and the workers were friendly and helpful. Thank you so much for the amazing service.”
-Danielle Morris

6. Good Day Corporation Pawn Shop

USP Best Industrial & Garden Equipment
PRODUCT/SERVICES Pawn Shop, Loans, Buy & Sell, Jewelry, Musical Instruments, Vintage Essentials, Antiques, Tools & Appliances, Title Loans, Layaway Programs, Garden & Industrial Equipment
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday – Saturday: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Sunday: Closed
ADDRESS 14696 Montana Ave, El Paso, TX 79938, United States
PHONE NUMBER  915-856-0188
EMAIL gooddaypawn@gmail.com
WEBSITE https://www.facebook.com/gooddaypawn/

Good Day Corporation is considered one of the promising local pawn shops in El Paso. It was incorporated in 2011 and since then has been serving the people with easy and hassle-free pawn service. The shop is a trustable partner for individuals’ monetary requirements by offering fair cash loans personalized. They accept cash as well as credit cards for pawnbroking. Along with the pawn business, the shop provides layaway programs, including jewelry, instruments, vintage items, and more.

Good Day Corporation has been renowned for offering various useful tools and appliances, often at a great discount. It is an optimum terminal if you are looking for open pawn shops for machine tools & apparatus. This pawn shop is open late till 7 pm. The immersive customer assistance also attracts a large number of people to buy and sell goods from them.

“Visited Good Day Corporation last Christmas. The shop was awesome. The workers were friendly and professional. I bought a drilling tool at the best price. The shop has excellent collections of industrial and home appliances. So, a great place to buy useful equipment and receive incredible customer service. Highly recommended.”
-Justin Depp