Making the proper selection when it comes to getting a tattoo and selecting the appropriate tattoo artist is crucial. It will be permanent for most people, so it’s something you’ll want to think about before you dive in and get signed by anyone. Therefore, we have curated a list of the finest tattoo studios of Austin that have excellent artists working in a variety of styles. Here are the Top 7 Tattoo Shops in Austin that can help you find your dream tattoo design.

List of Austin’s 7 Best-Rated Tattoo Shops

USP A Custom Tattoo Studio with Online Consultation and Tattoo Estimator Facilities
PRODUCTS/ SERVICES Custom Tattoos, Tattoo Coverups, Piercings, Tattoo Aftercare, Piercing Aftercare, Gift Cards, Booking, Request Quote Online
OPERATIONAL HOURS Tuesday to Sunday: 12 pm- 10 pm
Monday: Closed
ADDRESS North: 5128 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78756, United States

South: 1515 S. I35, Frontage Rd, Austin, TX 78741, United States
PHONE 737-234-5444

Since 2002, Platinum Ink has been an abode to the tattoo enthusiasts of Austin and neighboring areas. Their highest quality tattoo and piercing services have always made them a reliable choice for tattoo lovers. They have the most affordable rates along with the most talented artists (with over 17 years of experience), which is certainly a rare combination to find. The knowledge and the professionalism of the artist are well observed in their work itself.

They proudly call their consultation services “chat before tat.” To further ensure customers’ convenience, they also have provisions for online consultation and an online estimator to get an idea of the cost of the tattoo. They are renowned for their affordable yet top-notch body piercing services as well. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, they have special offers which allow you to avail of two desired body piercings at as low as $49.95. To further ensure that they are one of the most affordable tattoo shops in Austin, they also have Platinum Ink Gift Cards for $100 that can last a lifetime and other amazing deals for their customers.

“Got my eyebrow pierced here today, and Darren Shuman, who did it, did a great job. My little sister got her belly button done, and it looks great as well. We were in and out pretty fast too. They also very patiently guided us through the process. Luckily, we went on a Sunday (they’re open on Sundays). They have excellent prices and have the best tattoo and piercing artists in Austin. David also nicely gave us the Piercing Aftercare instructions. It is hard to find, but after finding Platinum, I didn’t have to search anymore.”

–Gina Taylor

2. Shaman Modifications- North Austin

USP A Body Piercing and Tattoo Studio with Industry-Expert Tattoo Artists
PRODUCTS/ SERVICES Custom Tattoos, Body Piercings
OPERATIONAL HOURS Thursday to Monday: 12 pm- 8 pm Tuesday and Wednesday: Closed
ADDRESS 9112 Anderson Mill Rd, Suite A500 Austin, TX  78729, United States
PHONE ​​512-412-8991
The difference between a talented artist and the occasional Joe-schmo who likes to sketch is between an elegant piece of body art you’ll be forever obsessed with and one of those hideous pieces that look like something a third-year student drew. And, with Shaman Modifications, you get the artists of the former kind. Shaman Modifications are a chain of Tattoo Parlours available in Dallas and Austin with tattoo artists who are industry experts with more than ten years of experience. While they have been known far and wide for their body piercing and body modification services, their excellent tattoo services have also earned them great praises and accolades. This is one of the few local tattoo shops highly recommended and has high ratings in the North Austin Branch. Their staff, Sarah Hlavaty and James Rhodes are famous Tattoo Artists of Austin who can be directly emailed or contacted through Instagram if one needs to book an appointment. Shaman Modifications have Piercing Specialists and Guest Artist Travis Gomez, making them a good tattoo place in North Austin.
“It’s always a pleasure to come to Shaman Modifications for all my tattoo needs. Sarah is extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and she makes you feel very comfortable and safe. You may choose from a variety of tattoo designs. And if you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry because Jade will always answer your questions. They are very affordable and are one of the few tattoo shops open on Sundays.I went there as a walk-in customer. There was a messaging system in place, and they limited the number of people in the building. Jade knew right away the kind of tattoo I was looking for. It was calming and fast. She is simply the best tattoo artist. I will be back for another tattoo soon. Hands down, they are atop-rated tattoo shop of Austin.”
-Nina Trevor

3. All Saint Tattoo

USP A Disposable Tattoo Parlor in Austin that Provides Cosmetic Tattoos
PRODUCTS/ SERVICES Tattoos, Piercings, Cosmetic Tattoos
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday to Sunday: 12 pm – 12 am
ADDRESS Downtown: 514 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78701, United States North: 8303 Burnet Rd #2, Austin, TX 78757, United States
PHONE ​​Downtown: 512-482- 0602 North: 512-573-8786
If there is someone who cares about your body art as much as you do, it is the team at All Saints Tattoo studio. Established in 2012, this tattoo parlor has been known far and wide for possessing the best and the most-friendliest tattoo artists in the state of Texas. Their artists offer expertise in almost every style of tattooing. Whether you want a micro tattoo, full arm tattoo, fine line tattoo, portrait tattoo, you name it, and they do it. They also have the facilities available for cosmetic tattoos, making them one of the only tattoo parlors in Austin to be well-rounded. While they offer both walk-in and appointments on weekdays, they allow walk-ins only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. With customer safety and hygiene as their priority, they have a disposable working model where all the tattoo needles and tattoo tubes are used only once. The studio practices are approved by the Texas Department of Health & Human Services and are regulated and tested by the Crosstex Biological Monitoring Service.
“I was looking for realism tattoo artists, and then I stumbled upon All Saints Tattoo. I cannot rave enough about All Saints and their staff. I wanted a coverup tattoo, so I reached out to the owner. He was super welcoming and recommended Frank to us. I have a few words for my experience; amazing artists, beautiful results, free consultation, best tattoo place in Austin to get your first tattoo.”
-Cramani Jones

4. Mom’s Tattoo

USP An Appointment Only Tattoo Parlor with Down To Earth Prices
PRODUCTS/ SERVICES Tattoos, Piercings, After Care Kit
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday to Thursday: 12 pm– 8 pm
Friday & Saturday: 12 pm– 10 pm
Sunday: 1 pm– 6 pm
ADDRESS 1703 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704, United States
PHONE 512-912-8904

Located in the heart of South Austin, Mom’s Tattoo has been working towards beautifying Austin by offering authentic body art and body modification services since its establishment in 2000. From unbeatable prices to high-quality work, the tattoo store has every characteristic that makes it a favorite amongst tattoo enthusiasts from in and around Austin. They are a complete tattoo shop that takes care of you while you are their customers and afterward. You not only get aftercare advice from experienced tattoo professionals but a well-curated “care kit” that helps you take care of your newly designed tattoo.

The team of tattoo artists at Mom’s holds an experience of more than 20 years. Anything that you can imagine, they can tattoo it. They possess unparalleled skills and dedication for their work. Therefore, whether you are getting your fifth tattoo or your first, you will fall in love with the atmosphere at Mom’s. Further, the tattoo parlor also ensures extreme cleanliness and practice strict hygiene practices. All sterilizing standards for Mom’s Tattoos have been met by the Texas Department of Health (TDOH). Also, only a few tattoo places are open seven days a week, and they are one of them.

“I explained my ideas to the owner, and she grabbed Aaron. I wasn’t sure how the image of my idea and my own ideas and artists’ style would be presented, and I was absolutely amazed by the results. I’m in love with my first tattoo experience, and I’ll be back to see Aaron for the next one. Mom’s Tattoo is one of the top-rated tattoo shops in Austin for a reason.”
-Cameron Light

5. Austin Tattoo Company

USP A Street Style Tattoo Boutique with expertise in Traditional American Tattooing
PRODUCTS/ SERVICES Mini Tattoos, Piercings, Black and white Tattoos, Colorful Tattoos
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday to Sunday: 12 pm– 10 pm
ADDRESS 5241 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78751, United States
PHONE 512-380-0730

Are you wanting to strike off the goal of ‘getting an American sleeve tattoo in a street style boutique’? Well, we know the best place for you – Austin Tattoo Company. Since its establishment in 2009, it has been one of the go-to places for every tattoo lover in Austin.

From getting mini tats to traditional designs, tattoo lovers know that Austin tattoo Company is the one-stop destination for them and will never disappoint them.

Every tattoo artist at this tattoo parlor is a connoisseur at tattooing and has proven craftsmanship at every style of tattooing with expertise in traditional American tattooing. To ensure the comfort of the customers, the studio allows appointments as well as a walk-in. The studio has special discount schemes under Traditional Tuesdays when designs are offered at $50 (mini tattoo), $100 (large black and grey tattoo), and $120 (large colorful tattoo). Apart from tattoo art, the studio now offers high-quality piercing services from the best piercers in town.

“Austin Tattoo is one of our favorite tattoo shops. I would recommend it as the best tattoo parlor in Austin. Keith and his team are absolutely amazing. No one can match their attention, customer care, and their experience. Hands down, I recommend it, and I’ll be back! I was able to get a tattoo that day and plan a big project shortly.”
-Alex Funke

6. Moon Tattoo

USP An Appointment Only, Female Run Blackwork Tattoo Studio
PRODUCTS/ SERVICES Tattoos, Piercings
Tuesday to Sunday: 11 am – 7 pm
ADDRESS 1736 W Anderson Ln, Austin, TX 78757, United States
PHONE 512-553-8228
EMAIL Not Available

Moon Tattoo is an embodiment of strength and empowerment. It is a small female-run tattoo studio providing the highest quality tattoos at unbelievable prices. Started in 2016, this relatively new tattoo studio has managed to be the talk of the town in no time. The blackwork tattoo studio recognizes and appreciates both the transformational nature and healing power of creating and getting a tattoo. The studio has been working tirelessly to preserve and promote the ancient practice of tattooing.

To ensure a memorable and calming experience, the studio is built in an open and pleasant space and accommodates bright and natural light. They are an all-inclusive tattoo studio for all bodies and skin colors alike. The support of their team is not only limited to tattoo designing; they also help you with prepping up and aftercare as well.  The studio allows only appointments, and appointments with every artist need to be scheduled separately. You can find everyone’s Instagram links on the Moon website.

“After searching for good tattoo shops in Austin, I came across Moon Tattoo. I got a tattoo from Sabrina, an apprentice at Moon Tattoo, and I couldn’t be more impressed. One of her flash designs where she customized her signs to look like one of my cats. Awesome! I highly recommend her. During my second visit, I had the chance to have Jonathan Bravo do some work for me. I’ll probably give David Poe a shot at my next tattoo. Will definitely come back again!”
-Sussane Base

7. Dovetail Tattoo – East Austin

USP A Classic Tattoo Joint That Also Offers Microblading
PRODUCTS/ SERVICES Custom Tattoos, Body Piercings, Microblading
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday to Sunday: 1 pm- 9 pm
ADDRESS Downtown: 310 W 17th St, Austin, TX 78701, United States

East Side: 1703 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702, United States
PHONE 512-708-1117 (Downtown)
512-614-4022 (East Side)
EMAIL (Wendi Ramirez) (Jerrid Rodriguez) (Deseo) (Niki Urban) (Catherine Fontenot) (Megan Minasi) (Thom Rein) (Jason James) (Erika Leal) (Chris Bishop)  

Located in the city center, Dovetail Tattoo has been serving Austin’s people with the finest tattoo services in the town. Founded in 2009, initially, the parlor was in the West, but with their clients’ love, they outgrew and expanded to east Austin as well in 2017. While Austin is home to a few of the best tattoo shops globally, Dovetail still manages to make a mark of its own. Their passion for the art of tattooing is reflected in the details and finesse of their work.

Both of their stores host a group of most talented artists who are professionals and experts at their jobs. Every artist has an individual and authentic style, and thus when you are at Dovetail, you will only be served by the best. It is their hard work and efforts that have ensured their consistent growth. At Dovetail, you also get comprehensive consultation and guidance from the experts to help you avoid all your doubts.

“Carlos is absolutely the best. I got almost all of my tattoos from him, and not once have I been disappointed in the slightest. Meticulous, beyond creative, and kind. If you are looking for a hygienic, professional and fun place to get your first tattoo done, Dovetail East is the place to go in Austin! They have affordable and good rates. They are one of the best tattoo places in Austin.”
-Jennifer John