For generations, tattoos have represented a visual expression that is aligned with beauty, culture, emotion, history, etc. Traditionally, tattoos are perceived as a societal taboo. With time, it has emerged as the quintessence of body art and is prevalent in the mainstream. So, if you are looking to be part of the tattooed religion, tattoo shops in Los Angeles will be your next destination. Here is the list of the top 7 tattoo shops in LA:

List of Los Angeles’s 7 Best-Rated Tattoo Parlors

USP Tattoo artists from every corner of the world.
PRODUCTS/ SERVICES Tattoos, American Traditional, Watercolor, Chicano, Blackwork, Fine Linework, Japanese, Realism, Neo-traditional, Minimalism
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday- Sunday: 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm
ADDRESS Santa Monica Blvd # B, West Hollywood, CA 90069, United States
PHONE 322-654-2440

The Honorable Society is one of the best tattoo parlors in Los Angeles. It is located in the heart of the city and has been known as the epitome of artisanship. The tattoo studio was established in 2009 by pioneer tattoo artist Marco Cerretalli. Over the years, the studio has emerged as the center stage for tattooing in West Hollywood and received stunning reviews from clients.

The team of artists encompasses domestic as well as international tattoo virtuoso. It hosts artists from various nations all across the globe, such as Japan, Russia, Mexico, Thailand, Korea, Spain, and more. They offer a vast collection of tattoos spread across multiple styles such as traditional, Realism, Japanese, and so on. The study allows clients to pair with an artist as per the style tattoos. Moreover, the mesmerizing vicinity with adequate sanitation provides aesthetic comfort to the clients. So, book your slot to get a pleasurable experience.

“A memorable experience at The Honorable Society. It was my honor to get a tattoo from this studio: wonderful environment, generous artists, and excellent service. My artist Sam did a terrific job. His artistic creativity is awe-inspiring. I got an attractive traditional tattoo with all the comforts.”

– Jessie Garvey

2. Monkey Face Tattoos

USP Offers the industry’s best-customized tattoo and piercing service.
PRODUCTS/ SERVICES Tattoo, Body Piercing, Traditional, Custom
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday- Friday: 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Saturday: 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Sunday: 1:00 pm to 8:30 pm
ADDRESS W Manchester Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90045, United States
PHONE 323-602-9279

Monkey Face Tattoos is an impressive and well-known tattoo store in Los Angeles. It was established in 2011 with endeavors to offer an excellent personalized tattoo experience in the area. Baron Davis, the studio owner, has more than 25 years of professional experience in the mainstream. His proficiency in artistic designs and shading has made him one of the prominent local tattoo shops. Moreover, you can get a wide array of custom and traditional tattoos with a tinge of individual creativity. The tattoo store also facilitates quality body piercings.

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Furthermore, along with impeccable customized tattoo and piercing services, it has been exemplary in maintaining sanitation and using sterile equipment. You can also take prior consults with artists before going for a showdown. In addition, the waiting rooms have resources such as TV and magazines for client’s comfort and offer beverages in the meantime.

“I got a stunning piece done today by Baron. He is the owner of the shop and is very down to earth. His commitment to work is excellent. Baron transformed my custom vision into reality. It looks terrific. The place is clean, with lots of amenities in the waiting room for the clients. Everything is perfect, all-inclusive of a positive vibe.”

– Ivan Murillo

3. Body Electric

USP A medley of old-school values with modern standards serving since 1992.
PRODUCTS/ SERVICES Tattoo Parlor, Body Piercing, Traditional, American, Biomechanical, Lettering, Japanese, Black & Grey, Covers-up, Realism
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday- Thursday: 12:00 pm to 9:30 pm Friday- Saturday: 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm Sunday: 12:00 pm to 9:30 pm
ADDRESS 7274 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046, United States
PHONE 323-954-0408
Body Electric commenced its glorious journey in 1992 and has been one of the best tattoo places in LA. It is also a forerunner in providing outstanding piercing and consulting services. Brian Keith Thompson, the owner, is a popular figure in the mainstream. He and Body Electric provide premium artistic tattoos to prominent A-listed Hollywood figures. Specializing in artistic textures with self-expression creativity makes the shop a perfect place to get a tattoo. The place is a shrine for customized art and an enormous collection of tattoos.

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Moreover, the working professionals are highly knowledgeable and have substantial experience in the mainstream. Their devotion towards work and the well-being of clients are unmatched. The artist treats its clients with the utmost respect and integrity and adheres to a non-discrimination policy. They have a large collection of premium body jewelry. The atmosphere is quite alluring with proper safety measures. So, Body Electric portrays the inclusiveness of the old-school principles with a medley of contemporary safety measures. You can schedule an appointment through their official website.

“Got a piece completed by Brian. It was a traditional Japanese style. He was terrific in his unique creativity and also highly knowledgeable. Highly recommended if you’re looking for some exotic tattoos. The environment is pleasing, and everything is perfect.”

– Lora Amanda

4. Boartooth Tattoo

USP A beautiful tattoo center with an impressive art gallery.
PRODUCTS/ SERVICES Tattoos, Art Gallery, Art Merchandise, Traditional, Custom, Neo-Traditional, Japanese
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday- Sunday: 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm
ADDRESS 10420 National Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034, United States
PHONE 213-533-9928

Boartooth Tattoo is a haven for customized art tattoos with professional experience of over 15 years. It is also among the highest-rated tattoo shops in Los Angeles. Established in 2005 by a free thinker Daniel Werder, the tattoo store has become the embodiment of creativity and customized art. It has an impressive art gallery and numerous art exhibitions conducted throughout the year. The artists are known for their artistic creations with the touch of custom arts. They offer a wide range of tattoos that are popular in the realm.

In addition, besides superior service, the place is clean and provides a comfortable environment for their clients. Boar tooth Tattoo is one of the prominent walk-in tattoo shops in Los Angeles. Whether it is weekdays or weekends, you can step in and experience the premium assistance from the best artists in the town. The place is among the few tattoo shops open on Sunday.

“I’ve gotten a neo-traditional tattoo by Shawn, and he was terrific. He puts his creativity and brings life to tattoos. His artistry is mind-blowing. The place is simple and soothing. Once you enter the shop, you will receive premium hospitality. Thank you for such an incredible experience.”
– Elon Park

5. Art & Soul Tattoo Co. Los Angeles

USP Led by a well-known and pioneer female tattoo artist.
PRODUCTS/ SERVICES Tattoos, Body Piercing, Art Gallery, Art Merchandise
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday – Saturday: 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Sunday: 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm
ADDRESS 2600 S Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034, United States
PHONE 310-202-7203

Art & Soul Tattoo is a vintage tattoo studio in the shimmering street of Los Angeles. An internationally renowned female tattoo artist, Erika Stanley, found it in 1996. She reflects the female essence and individuality in tattooing, which is traditionally contemplated as a men’s den. With 25 years in the male-dominated tattooing arena, Erika has created a robust artist team. She is the forerunner female tattoo artist in Los Angeles, winning multiple prominent awards.

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Additionally, along with excellent tattooing service, the studio also facilitates body piercing. All the artists have substantial experience, and Erika leads from the front with her rich legacy. They are generous and committed to delivering the best service and meet the client’s expectations. The place boasts a serene environment, keeping it incredibly hygienic. It furnishes both appointment and walk-in services. You can expect the spectacular and one of its kinds tattooing experience in Erika’s dream studio.

“Fresh environment and impeccable service. Erika was awesome; what a great personality. She did terrific work. I got a piece on my left hand just before Christmas. It looked stunning and attractive. Everything was excellent, and I was so relaxed the entire time. Tons of thanks, Erika; you are an artistic diva. God bless you.”
– Angela Medina

6. American Electric Tattoo

USP Ranked among the top tattoo shops in Los Angeles by prominent media outlets.
PRODUCTS/ SERVICES Tattoo, Custom Design, Walk-ins
OPERATIONAL HOURS Monday- Sunday: 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm
ADDRESS 2518 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026, United States
PHONE 213-413-6530

American Electric Tattoo is an exclusive and iconic tattoo center in the heart of Silverlake, LA, and was established by veteran artist Craig Jackman in 1999. He has been associated with the tattooing realm for more than 40 years. His studio portrays his essence of work and professional accomplishments. It is ranked among the top tattoo shops in Los Angele by The Huffington Post, Refinery 29, Racked, and others. The team of professionals provides a comprehensive collection of textures and designs. So, based on your preferred lifestyle, you can get an impressive custom tattoo.

Moreover, the studio offers freedom and flexibility to choose your designs, individual artists, and a dedicated room for privacy. Besides premium quality tattoos, it also boasts a pristine atmosphere with 100% sanitation. You can also consult with artists and acquaint yourself with the required health knowledge before getting a tattoo. American Electric Tattoo is among rare tattoo places open all days of the week. So, you are free to walk in or schedule an appointment.

“This place was stunning. The moment you enter the studio, you receive incredible hospitality from the staff. I got a floral tattoo along with my husband, and it turned out to be splendid. Sean designed our custom tattoos, and they looked amazing. He added life into art with his creativity. Highly recommended.”
-Trish Avila

7. June Jung Art

USP Tattoo designs are highly influenced by fine arts magnum opus.
PRODUCTS/ SERVICES Tattoo Shop and Art Gallery
OPERATIONAL HOURS Tuesday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Wednesday – Sunday: 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Monday: Closed
ADDRESS 4666 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041, United States
PHONE 323-790-4771

June Jung Art is the latest impressive tattoo art shop surfaced in the league of pioneers. It was founded in 2017 by June Jung, an incredible artist carrying a master’s degree in botanical and natural subjects. Her specialization in watercolor, dot work, line work, and illustrative arts are the essence of the studio. In addition, she created a resourceful team of the best tattoo artists, offering remarkable service in the area. They pay attention to the minute details and respect the client’s demands to furnish a fully customized tattoo.

In addition, June Jung Art holds an exhibition and sale of artistic masterpieces. One can buy a mesmerizing collection of fine arts from official websites. The studio is famous for modern tattoo art that is influenced by fine arts. With a pleasing and hygienic environment, June Jung Art follows strict safety measures to ensure total comfort for its clients.

“It was my first tattoo, and indeed, it turned out to be the best. I was amazed to receive such welcoming hospitality. I got a cardinal tattoo made by the artist June. She did a mind-blowing job; the piece looked so lively and attractive. Thank you so much; I will definitely come back.”
– Ruth Miller